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kristina new02

“My brand is a reflection of my vision of the modern woman. Creating something that is real and luxuriously functional, something that makes the woman wearing it confident and happy, this is what my work is about.”

 – Kristina Fidelskaya

As a strong contemporary woman designing for women, Kristina Fidelskaya is dedicated to providing an elegant wardrobe to a clientele with real lives and real needs, without ever compromising on femininity.

Affirming her belief that a timeless, chic and elegant wardrobe must also offer comfort and fashion-defining style, Kristina Fidelskaya designs with one essential thought in mind: to accompany each woman in her life, making her feel like she can do anything she wants. Combining forward-thinking and traditional materials with flawless finishes, the brand’s impeccably tailored clothes enhance the personality of the wearer and follow her busy schedule from sunup to sundown while allowing her to express who she truly is.

Established in Dubai in 2014, the label has been showing during Paris Fashion Week from 2017 and has since been recognized by the Federation de la Haute Couture et de la Mode. Carried by major international retailers worldwide, Kristina Fidelskaya has now opened its own flagship stores in Dubai and Paris, with further addresses planned in London, New York and Los Angeles.