Her - the Kristina Fidelskaya Season 001.2024 collection is inspired by her nature, her energy, her femininity.

Her collection features the finest fabrics, from sumptuous silks to soft organza, ensuring that the experience unparalleled comfort and quality in our continuous evening line.

Exquisite assemblage of garments drawn into elongated and monochrome silhouettes paired with weightless and flowy movement. Her transparency as a soul created around the fabric, a soft narrative of dreams to discover the delicate enveloped femininity.

The embodiment of timeless shade of nudes, white cream canvas, midnight blue and intense black encapsulating the multifaceted nature of her femininity.

Through modern lines and forms, the collection expresses an ode to craftsmanship enriched by the kaleidoscope of her beauty, with new techniques applied into our continuing cape story and new range of accessories.

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