The Way

Finding the way forward, the instinct to trust, to create one’s self. — Kristina Fidelskaya

The Kristina Fidelskaya Spring / Summer 2023 collection is named ‘The Way' —
inspired by the ideals of good-natured compassion, and empathetic understanding.

The collection tells the story of transformation and transition, a tale unfolding as a
metamorphosis of the mind. Placing certitude in one’s self, forming a mindset of
absolute clarity, guided by individual intuition. Guided by our human intuitiveness, the
steps ahead lead one to their intended path — where lies no doubt nor compromise,
solely the promise of true self-discovery — the personal process, the journey is the
ultimate odyssey.

This seasons looks are an ode to our ever-evolving emotions, and to embracing
quietude, whilst silencing our thoughts. This season’s collection is a dedication to the
pure magnetism of beings present together in stillness — the collection encompasses
poetic expression, and embraces feminine nonchalance, translated into flowing
silhouettes, composed of soft-spoken silks, sumptuous suedes and chiffon, leather
ensembles, modern eveningwear, and an evolution of the KF logo print in blue and gray.

The Spring / Summer 2023 collection is composed of a variety of re-designed
contemporary pieces, sporty-chic classics, retro-inspired floral prints, and the brand’s
elaborately worked light tailoring for the summertime. The season’s color palette is
drawn from the quiet tranquility of nighttime, with tones of midnight darkness, velvety
hues, shades of the rising sun over the horizon, and summer-scented burnt orange.

“I have revisited the concept of less is more, and been more selective this season -
furthering our take on sustainability, thus influencing our own idea of investment pieces.
We tell a story, of honest value, of high-quality, of true craftsmanship - with the aim it
transpires into enjoyment, and real appreciation of the craft.” — Kristina Fidelskaya

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