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What Every Modern Woman Needs to Know About Ramadan Fashion

Ramadan is a month of fasting, introspection and prayer to attain taqwa or God-consciousness. During this time of piety and spirituality, women are expected, more than ever, to dress modestly and appropriately.

That being said, the holy month of Ramadan can be one of the busiest times on a Muslim woman's social calendar. What with all the Iftars and after-sundown coffee dates one might get invited to, not to mention the whirlwind of Eid parties one might have to attend.

We, a designer dresses Dubai-based fashion house, understand, so we put together this guide on fashionable Ramadan dressing for the modern woman. When dressing during Ramadan, remember these four words: loose, long, covered, and high.

Loose and Flowy Silhouettes

flowy white blouse feminine silhouette kristina fidelskaya flowy trousers modest fashion kristina fidelskaya white feminine silhouette

During Ramadan, tight or figure-revealing clothing is discouraged. Thus, choose clothes that flow and drape loosely around your body for both daytime and evening wear.
Forgo those skin-tight jeans in favour of loose trousers, like this pair of high-waisted pleated trousers. Since it is summer in the Arabian Peninsula, go for white trousers, which should keep you cool and comfortable, especially during the daytime.
Pair the white trousers with this gorgeous Italian silk white bow-neck blouse, or pair it with the white silk camisole. In the latter case, you can cover up with a coat like this embroidered silk organza cape.
How about in the evening, for one of the many Iftars you might get invited to attend? Your daytime white trousers and white silk shirt should be more than sufficient. However, if you wish to change to something a little dressier, you can swap the trousers for this dark brown tulle midi skirt.

Long Hemlines

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Modest dressing during Ramadan also means going for longer hemlines. It is best to wear something that will cover you up to just below your knees at least. Better yet, wear something that extends to your ankles.
Thus, for the daytime, a trouser suit is a good option. You can wear camel silk travel trousers paired with a camel silk camisole. The trousers will cover your legs, and both the top and the pants have a loose and flowy silhouette. The material should keep you cool and comfortable even in the summer heat.
If you don't want to wear pants, you can wear this printed silk twill wrap midi skirt instead. This should serve you well from the daytime until evening. The brown underwire body top with a soft corset construction should pair wonderfully with this skirt.
Of course, you would need something to cover your back and arms in either option.

Covered Back and Arms


modest fashion brown leather jacket kristina fidelskaya modest fashion green waxed cotton cape jacket kristina fidelskaya

Modest dressing not only means covered legs and loose, flowy silhouettes. It also means covering your arms and back. Thus, if you wear the above-mentioned camel silk camisole and travel trousers pair, you will need to cover up with a coat or a jacket to cover your arms and back. This should also mask the tight fit of the printed silk twill wrap midi skirt with the brown underwire body top.
You have many fashionable cover-up options. The waxed cotton cape jacket in green khaki or the cropped silk linen trench jacket should look fabulous with the camel silk camisole and travel trousers. Meanwhile, the cropped leather trench jacket should look fantastic with the printed silk twill wrap midi skirt and brown underwire body pair.
Instead of wearing a coat over your underwire body or your camisole top, you can also cover up with a loose white blouse like this loop back jersey polo top. Its slouchy style means a loose and comfortable fit that doesn't reveal too much of your figure, while its white colour will help you stay cool even in the summer.

High Neckline

camisole travel luxury loungewear modest fashion kristina fidelskaya silk set  high neck blouse brown modest fashion flowy silhouette feminine kristina fidelskaya
Finally, when you're dressing modestly for Ramadan, you need to be mindful of revealing too much of your decolletage. Thus, it's generally a good idea to button up and go for a high neckline.
If you want to keep things simple and the layers at a minimum — it is, after all, the height of summer in the Arabian Peninsula right now — you can go for a simple high-necked shirt. You can then close all the buttons or keep just one or two buttons open as the occasion or the company demands. This camel oversized silk shirt is perfect for this purpose. You should also check out our new summer clothing collection for other options.
You can wear a V-neck blouse, like this brown bow-neck blouse. If you feel like the neckline falls too low, you can wear a scarf on your neck, like this brown multiprinted headscarf. Finally, if you're wearing something too revealing, there's no quicker way to make your ensemble more appropriate for Ramadan than with a high-neckline, loose-fitting coat like this fringed leather shirt jacket.

Get Fashionable for Ramadan

Ramadan is that time of year when modest dressing takes centre stage. It's also that time when the modern woman can use her imagination and creativity to remain fashionable even as she conforms to the modest dressing tenets of looser silhouettes, longer hemlines, covered back and arms, and higher necklines.

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