Earth Day: How to build a sustainable wardrobe?

sustainable wardrobe leather quilted set  

What better time to think about planet friendly wardrobes than on Earth Day? The perfect time to ask ourselves, what makes a wardrobe sustainable? Is it possible to be truly sustainable? We know there are many elements at play – responsible sourcing, ethical supply chains, carbon footprint, all important, but hard to score highly on all fronts.

Clean fashion:

At Kristina Fidelskaya, we took the decision to produce our pieces in our own Atelier in Dubai. Why? Because it allows us autonomy over the production process from start to finish, ensuring the best quality possible, the best working conditions possible and ensured our carbon footprint was as low as possible.

Clothes for the planet:

Our craftsmanship begins before the KF atelier - the materials we use are carefully sourced, innovated and treated, always weighing up their cost to the planet. Our collections are as sustainable as buying new can be.

A timeless wardrobe:

About quality… our understated designs made from the finest materials and are crafted by our in-house tailors. A recipe, we believe for pieces that will stand the test of time, aesthetically and functionally.

Seasonless, Ageless, Timeless:

With the above in mind, we believe our Kristina Fidelskaya pieces are good for the planet, and the soul. Inspiriting pieces responsibly made. Below are some of our favourite pieces to wear for years to come.

Asymmetric Wrap Dress

Assymetric Wrap Dress Brown Sustainable Wardrobe
The perfect dress for a capsule wardrobe in our favourite neutral, brown. Shop Now.

Cady Bootcut Trouser

Cady Bootcut Trouser sustainable wardrobe
These extra-long high waisted tailored trousers offer a sophisticated silhouette and a flattering fit. Shop Now.

Cropped Silk Linen Trench Jacket

Cropped Silk Linen Trench Jacket Sustainable Wardrobe
This classic trench style jacket is a hero classic for Spring Summer 2022 and beyond. Shop Now.

White Bow-Neck Blouse

White Bow-Neck Blouse Effortless Chic Sustainable Wardrobe
An effortlessly chic addition to your work wardrobe, holiday outfits and evening looks. Shop Now.