4 Gorgeous Summer Dresses for Style and Comfort

Summers may be warm, but they’re not a licence to wear a sundress or a cotton romper to an important dinner, a show or a party.

Yes, it can be hard to find the perfect formal or evening dress for the summer. Those heavy silk brocades and marbled velvet or those layers of magnificent chiffon may not wear so well during hot and humid summer nights.

So, what do you do when you don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort or comfort for style? Well, we’ve got the perfect new summer clothing ideas for you.

Here are a few dress details to look out for when shopping for dresses (evening, cocktail, party, and formal dresses, among others) fit for the summer.

Go for Organza

Kristina Fidelskaya floral embroidered organza corseted dress


Want to wow without being too warm? Organza is your friend, so head to one of our Dubai boutiques, or shop online, to find that perfect organza evening dress.

Organza is a fabric hand- or machine-woven from acid-treated yarn made from< silk or some other synthetic fibre. You'll recognise it by its specific attributes.

For instance, organza is thin, sheer and transparent. Organza, especially one made of silk yarn, has a lovely sheen. It is beautiful, elegant and striking — sure to turn heads.

More importantly, organza is an airy and breathable fabric. The mesh-like fabric has tiny holes in it because of the way it is woven; this is why organza is slightly transparent, perfect for layering. Therefore, air can flow freely through the material.

Organza, therefore, is the ideal summer evening wear fabric. It’s thin, light and breathable, which means it will not weigh you down or make you feel hot. As a bonus, organza has a certain kind of stiffness, making it a wonderful fabric for ethereal-looking, sculpted dresses.

In particular, for the summer, look for a silk organza dress in a light colour with whimsical, summery details.

This floral embroidered organza corseted dress made from silk organza and with light blue floral embroidery is a gorgeous summer dress you can pair with a white hat and pumps for a formal daytime occasion, like a wedding. You can also glam it up for the evening with a statement necklace and earrings, an updo, a jewelled clutch, and heels.

Give Tulle a Try

Kristina Fidelskaya powder pink tulle evening dress


Tulle looks and feels similar to organza. You've seen it often in ballerinas’ tutus, bridal veils and lingerie. Like organza, tulle can be made from silk or synthetic yarns.

Tulle has all the properties that make organza an excellent summer fabric and, thus, a good choice for summer dresses. Specifically, it is thin, lightweight and translucent, and air freely flows through this fabric as well.

There are, of course, minor differences between the two. For instance, organza is a little bit stiffer than tulle. Therefore, while tulle does have a bit of body, it drapes really well and is excellent for dreamy, flowy dresses. Tulle comes in many lovely colours, as you should find it easy to find a summer dress made of tulle to complete your summer wardrobe.

Check out our Powder Pink Tulle Evening Dress. This is a show-stopper, its corseted body contrasting sharply with the soft, drapey and flowy layered tulle skirt, the wispy thin tulle straps, and the nebulous layer of tulle fabric crisscrossing the bodice. Its powder pink hue is the perfect summer colour, too.

Dress in Cool White

Kristina Fidelskaya tuxedo shirt dress


What can be better than the colour white in summer? White reflects light, so it looks and feels cool, adding grace and purity to any outfit.

Structured white ensembles can be stunning. For smart-dressing occasions where you’ll need something that will go from day to night or for a casual dinner with your best friends, dazzle by accessorising and dressing up in our white Tuxedo Shirt Dress.

Breeze Through in a Maxi Dress

Kristina Fidelskaya camel silk camisole maxi dress


There's nothing that says summer quite as well as loose-fitting dresses. You don't really want sheathes when it’s so warm.

If you want that perfect mix of style and comfort in your evening wear, try a maxi dress. A maxi dress provides maximum airflow or circulation, ensuring you can be cool throughout the evening.

Check out our Camel Silk Camisole Maxi Dress. It’s a long dress with a classic silhouette and you'll fit in no matter the occasion. You won't look overdressed or underdressed; you'll look just right. However, the sheen of the silk in its signature camel colour is a statement in itself.

In the right lighting, the dress glows. Style this with burnished gold jewellery and accessories to complete the golden illusion, and add some glittery makeup for extra drama.

Time for Some Summer Inspiration

It’s usually easier to dress for all other seasons, except for summer. In the winter, fall and even spring, you can wear elaborate dresses without the risk of fainting from the heat.

However, summer is an opportunity to challenge your creativity and imagination, balancing your need for comfort and commitment to style. It’s that time of year you can give a chance to styles and dresses you might not usually try. At the very least, the dawning of summer always works as an excuse to shop for some new clothes.

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