Welcoming SS22: A peaceful state of mind

Introducing our SS22 collection named 'Peace' - created from a state of mindfulness, and a dedication to living in the present moment. Through this collection our design team introduced new textures, constructing garments with unique narratives inspired by the freedom and self-discovery of the seventies. Contemporary classics have been re-designed with relaxed silhouettes, soft-spoken silks and retro-inspired quilted leathers also feature heavily. 

A reflection of living in the moment, the chosen colour palette draws on grounding elements of nature, with tones of earth soil brown, wheat beige, stone grey, milky blue and dusty white. 

Each piece is directional, transitional, dependable and complimentary, with an element of playfulness - garments are intended to be mixed and matched for maximum outfit options from less items. The collection was based on the following five principles, with products to match. 

Crafted With Care - Tailored Trousers

Kristina Fidelskaya Tailored White Silk Trousers
A high-quality pair of tailored trousers brings sophisticated style and elegance to conquer any day. With high-waisted pleats and tapered legs, these can be worn easy with any blouse or oversized jumper for a statement look. Get ready for a contemporary approach with neutral shade that will float you through every spring summer. 

Designed To Last e.g. Cropped Trench Jacket

Kristina Fidelskaya White Cropped Trench Jacket

The epitome of timeless and effortless styles is with a leather trench jacket. No matter your style this jacket suits everyone and will see you from season to season. Being the ultimate layering piece it can add a cool chic and edgy element to your outfit, keeping the look simple yet stylish. This staple jacket is an investment piece with a guaranteed material that will stand the test of time. 


Responsible State Of Mind - Silk Slip Dress

Kristina Fidelskaya Silk Slip Dress Caramel Nude

A highly versatile dress that can be mixed and matched with key styles in your wardrobe. Pair beautifully with statement accessories or for a casual dress down look wear with a collared t-shirt and trainers for that everyday summer look. An essential summer holiday piece that will transform you into a golden goddess.


Timeless Transitions - A White Shirt

Kristina Fidelskaya White Shirt Fold Back Cuffs

Every good capsule wardrobe starts with a crisp white shirt, a classic piece of clothing that lends an air of sophistication to its wearer. With so many ways to wear it, you can add charm to any outfit with this shirt. Whether it's tucked into a fitted blazer suit, or paired with a casual jean or dressed up with leather pants it has a multitude of possibilities. Add this iconic white shirt to your wardrobe and use it as the perfect blank canvas for styling timeless looks each season. 

Maximising Minimalism - Nude Bodysuit

Kristina Fidelskaya Nude Bodysuit Corset

A good quality bodysuit is like the foundation for any outfit, this versatile piece is great for layering or simply wearing on its own. Pair with a fitted skirt, denim jeans or a tailored sweatpant. Not only does it bring you comfort but also elevates the bodies natural silhouette for a flattering seamless look.